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April 22nd, 2008

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Clint Harris


April 22nd, 2008

So, I'm at the doldrums of submissions right now.  My inbox is empty.  The jury is still out on four of my stories.  Maybe more.  I know I need to write more at night, but it's bugging me not to get those rejections/acceptances for what I've sent out.  I should know better.

Funny thing though. I haven't mailed out a story in around eight months.  I do all of my subs on email or web now.  Saves trees, saves expensive toner, and I get my yea or nay back in a timely, organized, saveable, trackable fashion.  Unless the server decides to spam the addy.  But hey, the mailman could just as easily decide to shoot someone that day, in which case I won't be getting my SASE back anyway.

Oh well, no news is good news.  I'm on just the inside of three months for most of my outstanding subs, which means I have a few weeks before I should even query. 

Good news is that Futurismic is opened again.  Baen opens in a few days.  Got to get crackalackin on my new stuff to send out.

Gonna stop posting on the web today.  Totally wasting time.  But it's something to do.

By the way, I'm kidding about "please reject my story".  I want you to BUY my story, or I wouldn't have sent it. :-)
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